The Ultimate DroneX PRO™ Review

Best Vaule


Drone X Pro

Max Flight Time

30 Min


31 MPH


249 Grams

Wireless Range




Remote Control




App Enabled

Droid, IOS

Advanced Modes

Auto Return, Auto Takeoff, Follow Me, Gravity sensor, Panorama, Waypoint


1 Lithium

Extra Parts

Adapter Cable, Manual, Screwdriver

Skill Level

Beginner, Intermediate

Release Date

April 15, 2019

Made In


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The #1 high definition 4K Dual Lens, High-Performance Drone of 2023. Explore, show off and conquer new terrain in excellent HD imagery!

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Product is rated as #3 in category Mini Drones

When affordability meets high quality and feature exclusive – the end result is…. DroneX PRO™

This compact, lightweight drone offers an impressive set of features at an affordable price. Whether you’re an aspiring aerial photographer or simply want to experience the thrill of flying a drone,  DroneX PRO™ is an excellent choice.

DroneX Pro

Small enough to fly indoors, tight spaces, through windows, doorways and the great outdoors. DroneX PRO™ altitude holding feature will have you navigating bathrooms, entryways and walk-in closets, with the greatest of ease, all while capturing stunning HD videos and pictures.

10Expert Score
The Bottom Line

Ideal choice for all aspiring aviators and drone enthusiasts.

  • User-friendly
  • Exceptional GPS Capabilities
  • Compact &amp
  • Retractable
  • 4K HD Camera
  • Stable Flight,
  • Hands-free Controls
  • High-performance Lithium Battery
  • 5-7 Day Expedited Delivery
  • Occasional connectivity issues
  • 2 Year Warranty is Extra

Complementary Camera Performance


Optimized to get more out of every flight. With larger propellers, an aerodynamic body tilt, and a powerful obstacle sensing systems, the streamlined design allows for increased flight time and safety.

The 3-Axis gimbal offers a wider rotation range for low-angle shots and True Vertical Shooting, allowing endless creative opportunities. Every aspect of the DroneX PRO™ has been carefully considered to take Mini to never-before-seen heights.

Fold Up and Go!

For creators on the move, hassle-free use is key. Weighing less than 249g, DroneX PRO™ doesn’t require registration in most countries and regions. [The foldable and compact design also makes it easy to carry along with you on your next hike, beach day, or impromptu weekend away. Be ready to capture breathtaking footage when inspiration strikes.

DroneX PRO Foldable

Air Time

Capture and explore more of your surroundings with an extended flight time of up to 30 minutes. DroneX PROS™ Intelligent Flight Battery is ultra-lightweight and has enough power to cover your aerial photography needs.

If you’re the kind of person that likes to push each flight to the extreme, they’ve got you covered too. Upgrade to the multi-pack feature and enjoy care-free exploration for up to 90 minutes.

Fly by Day
Fly by Night

Capture the subtlety of light and shadows as you head out on a day trip. Shoot with clarity and less noise as evening falls.
Savor the moment, stay true to your creative process, and trust DroneX PRO™ to capture your world.

To Sum It Up:

The DroneX PRO™ is perfect edition to your explorative spirit. It’s compact and lightweight design make it easy to take anywhere and fast. Simply put, the DroneX PRO™ is our new favorite drones and comes high-recommended by the 5 Star Drone review team!

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  1. John

    It does what it’s supposed to do when I’m flying it you only problem is it doesn’t have a extremely good camera It works good with quality camera that there is I like it thank you

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  2. Sean O’Toole

    I was nervous pulling the trigger on the buy. Wife wanted me to get a PS5 for the grandkids to come visit. That’s ironic to me, for obvious reasons. All I know is, I wanted to get some great footage of the Grand Teton mountains, and, as a newbie, I would learn to operate and maintain the highest-rated drone. 20 minutes after I opened the shipment, “Herbie” was at eye level to me, stable and ready to go….then the beeping started. I reached out and gently grabbed his belly, then turned off the controller.

    Don’t be intimidated! It’s so easy after you learn all the safety precautions pre-built:
    If you are a mile away and you battery starts going dead it will let you know. To bring it right back, hit one button. He comes right back home!

    + PROS: easy to use long battery life
    - CONS: not enough extra blades
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  3. Davis Freeman

    This Drone is amazing for all people who are interested in buying a Drone,no matter if you are an expert or a beginner. My favorite part is the obstacle avoidance feature that keeps it from flying into things. We also noticed that this Drone is very sturdy. There is no scratches or any type of damage. The camara quality is amazing. Also the costumer service is great we got an extra battery sent to the wrong address but we emailed them and within 1 hour they got back to us and shipped it to the correct address. There is a ton of features on this Drone that puts it ahead of the competition. This Drone is great investment.

    + PROS: obstacle avoidance extra battery customer service
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  4. Tyler LeBlanc

    I am RE-writing my previous 2 star review up to a 4 star review, and here is why:
    **I had the drone for about two weeks and the gimbal would not reline itself back to straight. The drone was also having some connectivity issues, and a poor quality video transmission to my s21 ultra.

    Fast forward to now: DroneX PRO team did send me a brand new one, no cost, and that allowed me to actually use it and review it. You HAVE to add an SD card to have 1080p quality video. Your phone will always look “laggy” because it’s just a wifi connection… Drone has great handling and I like the two speed settings. For $99 this is a good starter drone. Fly at low levels first and slowly advance. Do not crash this, as the gimbal is exposed on the bottom.

    + PROS: fast, easy to use great support team
    - CONS: connectivity issues
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  5. Rob Rutherford

    I purchased the Xpro series I and I cannot begin to describe what an amazing drone this is. I just took it out today for its maiden flight and the results exceeded my expectations. This is an amazing piece of equipment for any application. Pictures will follow shortly.

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    The Ultimate DroneX PRO™ Review
    The Ultimate DroneX PRO™ Review
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