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About 5starDrone Reviews

Our passion is helping consumers find and purchase the best drones!

We’ve got it down to a science. With an army of experienced editorial professionals, we’re able to invest hundreds of hours, researching every drone we review and write about. By using your feedback, reviews and experiences, we’re able to confidently narrow down the best drones’ worthy of your attention. Our goal is to present you with a clear, straightforward, view of all the top drones, drone accessories, personal stories, personal experiences, tutorials, guides and newest regulations, by providing all the information that you need and care about.

Testing & Reviewing

We do our own testing. We try our best to take an unbiased approach when testing and reviewing each drone, and we’re rooted in our commitment to discovering the true quality of each product, – our reviews reflect our passion! We also firmly believe in providing you with complete transparency. So, regardless of whether we purchase a product on our own or request it from a manufacturer, we only write reviews about products that meet our high standards and worthy of your consideration.

Years of Experience

Our experienced professionals evaluate and curate noteworthy products to help us factor in important buyer concerns like durability, budget friendliness, and ease of use. We care what our visitors think about our drone recommendations. We take into account the experiences of past and current customers who can attest to the quality and benefits of a product or service. This feedback helps us determine whether a product is reliable over the long term. 

Our Story

5starDrone.com started with a single review of a Dji model drone. We’ve since added over 25 new drones and plan to add over 500 more in 2023, including a review-store for parts and accessories. 5starDrone.com is owned by Anonymous Associate LLC, a Delaware based limited liability company. We team up with media associates like, Google, Yahoo & Bing to bring you recommendations on popular drones. When you purchase an item from one of our reviews or recommended links, 5starDrone and its partners may receive a small commission.

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